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Get Your Website Ranked On Search Engines for the Keywords that are Most Valuable to You.

Get more traffic, leads, rise above your competition, and get the highest ROI.
When you have invested money and time on your website, you want people to find it when searching for your products and/or services. It all begins with a good SEO strategy and how well your search engine architecture complements your website.
Together, we will build the best SEO strategy that will drive more traffic to your website.

Using the proper tools and knowledge, we can help your business succeed online and outperform your competitors. By working alongside you, we're able to gain vital insights into  your business model and goals. In addition to a targeted SEO campaign, we also consult on a content-rich campaign to help establish your business as an authority in your specified field.

Boost Your Business with Search Engine Optimization

  • See your website at the top of search results
  • Up-to-date and innovative unique strategies
  • Thorough internet marketing consultations
  • Individualized pricing
  • ROI with professional SEO experts
  • Monthly analytics reports

TECHNICAL SEO involves optimizing your website to help seach engines access, crawl, and interpret your content.

  • Increase the speed of your website
  • Build an internal link structure so robots can discover content on your site
  • Insert Robots.TXT file
  • SSL certificate
  • Includes XML sitemap
  • Responsive Design
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • And more...


Search engines use complex algorithms to score websites based on trust, reputation, and authority. They look at every link to determine their relevance; then measure the importance of the pages and rank them accordingly. The more unique and valuable the content is, the more favorable search engines will view it.
We believe that a well-crafted strategy is a crucial foundation of an effective campaign. Our SEO team of experts will employ white-hat tactics to help your website get to the top of search engines. We don't just rank your website on Google, we rank your website on Bing and Yahoo as well. Based on your requirements, budget, and goals, we have an arsenal of techniques to ensure that you achieve yoru desired results.


In a world where millions of customers use search engines every day to look for products and/or services, getting on the first page of organic results is more important than ever.

Did you know:

⚙️ 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

⚙️ 92.26 of all global searches take place on Google.

⚙️ 81% of shoppers perform online research before making big purchases.

⚙️ 72% of marketers say content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

⚙️ 75% of people never scroll past the first page of Google.



We will formulate a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and audience, to maximize the return on your investment.


We don't do black-hat SEO, or resort to tricky tactics to speed up the process. This will get your website penalized by Google and taken down. We only adopt clean, ethical practices to ensure long-term SEO success.


We work with an aim for a ling-term partnership with our clients. We're not just foucused on getting you to the top spot, we want to keep you there.

Capture Organic Google Users Searching for Your Products and/or Services

On-Site Content

By optimizing content, following on-site SEO best practices, and placing strategized content that aligns with the Google algorithms, we'll measurably boost your website's rankings and organic  traffic.

Keyword Research

We investigate and carefully identify the keywords that your audience is searching for. By placing ourselves at the heart of your users, we can build your SEO campaign arounnd a comprehensive list of industry and product-offering keywords and long-tail phrases.


Increasing the number of high-quality and authoritative inbound links to your website with the goal of pushing traffic to your website and increasing your search-engine rankings.

Page Performance

pagers with a longer load time have higher bounce rates and an average lower time spent on them. We investigate ways to improve your server response time, look for performance bottlenecks, and image load speed.


  • I had a great experience with DigiKai!! All commitments and deadlines were met as discussed. She delivered a great product at a great rate. A website was built for my company and it turned out great. I am looking forward to continuing growing my business with DigiKai Marketing .
    Josh Brown
    Spot On Windshield
  • I love the website DigiKai Marketing created for my coaching practice. What I loved the most was how they checked other coaching websites as a comparison and when they were done, it far outweighed the existing sites. My site stands out from the rest and that is key in such a saturated field. I am very pleased with the exceptional quality and the response time is super fast. My confidence in my website has taken leaps and bounds because of the uniqueness of my site!
    Shataun Rogers
    Relationship  Freedom for Women
  • I have been through the ringer for the last few years looking for a good website and SEO designer and even tried it myself. ( Don't Do It!!!) LOL. they really took my past experiences and completely replaced my feeling on digital marketing. They are very knowledgeable and make sure that you get a product that you truly love but also works efficiently.
    Jason Tino
    Flawless Evolutionz
  • Cut my page load time in half and took my page speed score from an F to an A. I got three things that you don't normally get from web contractors:
    -Constant communication
    -Rapid turnaround
    -Clearly demonstrated and measurable improvement
    To get all three is a rare thing. Well worth the investment for any serious business owner.
    Sean Sessel
    The Occulus Institute

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