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Visability is key to the success of your law firm. 

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Is SEO effective for your law firm? Absolutely!  People are searching for legal services online, internet marketing for lawyers has become inevitable. We have ranked several companies #1 on Google and Bing and we'll prove it. Transparency is what sets us apart. Book your strategy session and find out if we are a good fit to partner together.

Our team can help you maximize your ROI from a digital marketing investment with a focus on digital marketing services that work for legal services. We don't just tell you we can rank you on on the first page of Google and Bing, we actually do.
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Drive increased revenue to your law firm & dominate your local presence

We offer digital marketing services for lawyers and attorneys that specifically suit their needs and industry. For example, we invest a lot of our time in competitor research and geo-targeted keywords to reach local clients really helps the customers searching for specialized legal services like personal injury, worker compensation and others.

We fully manage your online reviews, SEO, Paid advertising, website, and social media. To ensure the best results, we constantly monitor and analyze data and let statistics drive our campaigns
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You have to fight to win online. You spend all of your time in the court room and law libraries. When do you have the time?


Areas of expertise


You know law. We know online marketing.  Results for your firm are just as important to us as wins are for your clients. 

Search Engine Optimization

Surveys show that more than 72% people that they should have an attorney within 25 miles from where they stay. Local SEO can help you capture a huge market of such people looking for nearby legal firms.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Lawyers

Capture and close more leads. We can setup and optimize your AdWords campaign and help in various aspects like campaign structure, ad copy, bid adjustments and tracking of the campaign.

Website Design & Development

DigiKai Marketing can design and develop a contemporary website for your customers and optimize it for maximum conversions. Your website is the first impression of your your potential clients have of your firm. We help you standout.  

Social Media Management

Establish thought leadership, interact with your audience, and enhance your brand with excellent cointent on your social media channels.

Reputation Management

It matters how you project yourself on social media channels and through online reviews. Lawyers have a huge opportunity of interacting with their clients and answering their queries on social channels.

Dashboard for Lawyers

We provide a real-time dashboard for complete analytics that helps us to discard wasteful ad and marketing spend and focus more on campaigns generating leads.
A digital marketing agency dedicated to growing your firm.

A strategic process


Our strategy is simplicity. Yes, go lean and start small but don’t skip steps.


First we get to know your practice best and decide what services are needed for your law firm and goals.


Our team of  professionals get busy right away developing your SEO and/or PPC campaigns.


We optimize your website for better search rankings. Whether that is a website redesign or adding new content.


Sit back and watch your campaigns take off. You handle what you do best and we'll handle the rest!

Lawyers face several challenges when it comes to online marketing:

Lawyers are bound by strict ethical guidelines and professional conduct rules when it comes to advertising and marketing. They must ensure compliance with these rules, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Lawyers need to be cautious about the content they publish, including avoiding misleading statements or making guarantees about outcomes.
The legal profession often serves a niche market, which can make it challenging to identify and reach the right target audience online. Lawyers need to carefully define their target clients and tailor their marketing efforts to reach them effectively. It requires strategic planning and understanding the online platforms that the target audience is most likely to engage with.
he legal industry is highly competitive, and online marketing has made it easier for law firms and individual lawyers to promote their services. This increased competition can make it challenging for lawyers to stand out and differentiate themselves from others in the field. They need to develop unique value propositions and employ effective marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge.
Trust and credibility are crucial in the legal profession. Establishing a strong online presence and building trust with potential clients can be challenging, especially when there are numerous online platforms and information sources available. Lawyers must invest time and effort in creating high-quality content, engaging with their audience, and showcasing their expertise to build credibility and establish trust with potential clients.
Online marketing makes it easier for clients to leave reviews and comments about lawyers and law firms. While positive reviews can be beneficial, negative reviews or unfavorable content can harm a lawyer's reputation. Lawyers need to actively manage their online reputation by monitoring reviews and feedback, addressing negative feedback appropriately, and encouraging satisfied clients to share positive experiences.
Lawyers deal with sensitive client information and must adhere to strict data privacy and security regulations. Online marketing involves collecting and storing client data, which poses risks if not handled securely. Lawyers need to ensure compliance with data protection laws and take appropriate measures to safeguard client information, including securing websites, using encryption, and implementing strong data management practices.
Online marketing can be a costly endeavor, and lawyers need to carefully consider the return on investment for their marketing efforts. Measuring the effectiveness of various online marketing channels and campaigns can be challenging. Lawyers must track and analyze relevant metrics to assess the success of their marketing strategies and make informed decisions about future investments.
Content marketing
Social media usage
Digital marketing spend increase
☑️ Digital Advertising Spend: According to a survey conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA), in 2020, 65% of law firms increased their digital advertising budgets compared to the previous year.

☑️ Content Marketing Effectiveness: According to a study by the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), 78% of lawyers reported that content marketing, such as blogs and articles, was the most effective online marketing strategy for their firms.

☑️ Social Media Usage: The ABA's 2020 Tech Report found that 81% of law firms maintain a presence on social media platforms. Among them, LinkedIn was the most popular platform, with 75% of law firms using it.

☑️ Website Optimization: A study by LexisNexis revealed that 63% of law firms have invested in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their website's visibility in search engine results.

☑️ Client Referrals: Despite the rise of digital marketing, referrals from existing clients still play a significant role. The LMA's study mentioned earlier found that 75% of law firms reported client referrals as their top source of new business.

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