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We create custom websites and implement digital marketing strategies that increase leads and conversions. 
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We manage your ONLINE presence strategically in order to generate LEADS and convert them into CLIENTS for your practice

The GROWTH of your cosmetic and plastic surgery practice depends on increasing your BRAND AWARENESS, converting LEADS into new patients, and generating REFERRALS. Let the digital marketing specialists at DIGIKAI give you a digital makeover. 

instagram marketing           
Instagram has become a prominent way for plastic surgeons to advertise their work and communicate with patients. It is important to understand what trends tend to attract followers and engagement. Studies show that more clinical content, separate from patient pictures, tended to be popular with both providers and followers.
What sets you apart from your competition? Branding increases the value of your practice, and makes acquiring new cosmetic patients easier because they are attracted to the “persona” that gives them a certain perspective of you. DigiKai will help you build your persona. 
paid advertising
PPC provides instantaneous visibility and traffic. When implemented correctly, the benefits of PPC advertising for plastic surgeons are immense. 
search engine optimization
While PPC is instantaneous, search engine optimization is a long-term commitment. SEO has a higher ROI than PPC but we always recommend a solid PPC campaign coupled with an SEO campaign in order to get your practice the most visibility and trust. 
content marketing
Content is king. Content marketing is a great way to build trust, show your authority, and gain loyalty. Using various types of content strategies, we will connect with your target audience and turn them into patients. You must be the authoritive doctor in your field. DigiKai Marketing will help you connect solutions to specific problems your clientele are looking for so they choose you.


If you want to grow your practice, digital marketing can help you in many ways.

Search engine visibility

We will make you more visible to your potential plastic surgery patients in search engines like Google and Bing.

Focusing on the right keywords

DigiKai will set up the keywords to be as specific as we can by targeting the keywords that will generate the highest quality lead.

Strong brand exposure

We put you in the spotlight. Whether on search engines or social media, DigiKai Marketing will strive to increase awareness of your plastic surgery practice and brand..everywhere.

Solid local presence

Dominate your local presence for your practice.  We will be there to solidify your presence in your target geo market, and get you more positive reviews.

Promotion of services in various channels

We have a team of digital experts in the plastic surgery field, so we can customize your strategy to fit your unique needs.

Capture and close more leads

The key to your success is grabbing as many potential leads as possible for your pracitce and we will assist you in closing as many as possible.
What Digital Marketing Channel Drives the Most Traffic to My Website?

Your online image should be impeccable and as precise as your operations. Today, cosmetic surgery marketing is an integrated multi-channel marketing discipline consisting of a strong branding, social media marketing, SEO, and a conversion rate-optimized website. Each of piece of your marketing mix must work together to create an integrated marketing plan for your cosmetic surgery practice.

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